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LUXURY BESPOKE HAND-TUFTED CARPETS & RUGS - We are exceptionally good in modern design and excel in sophisticated classical designs from every period of history where our crafts men and women expertly produce luxurious works of art for your special space in any colour, shape and size, creating grandeur to your living area.  Whether in Hospitality, Procurement, or with Interior Designers, Architects, Super Yacht Designers, Shops, or just a Purchaser, we would be pleased to hear from you to know your needs and questions and will be more then happy to help in anyway.

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LUXURIOUS, UNIQUE, EXQUISITE ELEGANCE CREATED TO EMBED & SINK YOUR TOES IN  are what defines our Bespoke Hand Tufted Carpet & Rugs the best.

We offer a professional, upbeat service, part of the strength is that we can cater to any size and style, be it the Palace or the ultramodern contemporary space. We take personal responsibility in the design of your bespoke carpet in every part of development to make it special.  It is this level of attention to detail that we believe is paramount. We personally inspect (European staff) all the carpet that leaves our factory and send photos of production and the finished item before it is dispatched. It is only a very personal and tailored service that brings out the best from both the producer and the purchaser.  Our highly trained European staff, will inspect every bespoke carpet prior to shipment to ensure the highest standard and quality is dispatched to you.


Our Staff have decades of knowledge and experience in every aspect of the carpet industry. We have found over the years that inspection is essential, our Factory can provide all the needs of the high quality standards that are required by our high profile clientele, ordering from afar leaves your concepts, colours and bespoke designer carpets and rugs easy compromised by lack of understanding and perception. Our staff highly trained customer service specialists will meticulously control your order from your office, through manufacturing checking at every process stage of making. Giving our clients complete confidence and the highest level of personal service imaginable.

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Moray Bespoke Woven Carpets - style idea types

Moray high weight woven low cost bespoke flexable broadloom carpet

Custom woven machine 4 metre (13 foot) woven Carpet & Rugs You can have a combination of cut, loop and woven backing to creative styles and patterns making a trendy variety of styles in any colour.  Pile weight at 5:50lb (88oz) in 100% New Zealand wool.  The design can be produced in two colors to custom designs and produced in a lower weight of 4:50lb (72oz) pile weight.  Area rugs can be made to any size, be it square, rectangle, circle, or oval and be produced with borders, this being a very cost effective way of producing different or same size and designer rugs.  Samples can be made before production of your design style with your special custom color.  Prices are very competitive and comparable to other machine tufted and pass machine material. Wall to wall or close cover can be cost effective as it is made to area size with extra allowance for installation. (made to area with joins, seams made at the factory).

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