Hand-knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted weaving to make a rug requires a lot of skill and lots of time. Luxury Carpet Production quality of a hand-knotted carpet is determined by the number of knots per square inch, and a higher density the better quality.  Complex unique design and pattern can require very dense knotting and it can take a long time to produce.  The average hand-knotted carpet about 10,000 knots. So you can imagine how long it can take to complete one rug on the average it can take one year for area of 12 sq metres for one weaver from start to finish.  The two types of knot we weave in hand knotted rugs are Persian and the other Turkish.

basketweave-handknotted-hand-made-rugs-luxury-carpetHand-knotted rugs are pre-made and these can be shipped to you straight away, we send a picture of the rug you are purchasing with all information before you purchase so there is no misunderstanding.


Bespoke carpets and rugs come in different sizes from small to very large, the hand knotted are pre-made area rugs which needs to fit to your needs, if our pre-size hand-knotted rugs do not fit your needs then a bespoke custom rug is possible.  No matter what size you require you can have your special perfect rug either a pre-made of a custom made hand tufted or flat weave.


When you are thinking about a area rug in your room or area you either have in the middle and range the furniture around or with the furniture placed on it. When you have group of rugs it is best to leave space between them. 


If you choose a pre-made hand-knotted rug you may not get the available shape with colour, design you want, although there are very many that will suit, these hand-knotted rugs come in square, round, oval, octagonal and rectangular shapes. There are hand-knotted runners which are normally used for corridors, hallways, and narrow spaces, also for heavy traffic areas.


BUKHARA rugs are made by craft skilled people who are nomadic who do not stay long in the same place, with their spare time they weave using the yarn from their flocks spending many years weaving each intricate unique detail hand-knotted rugs. Some original designs in Bukhara rugs originated in Turkmenistan and are based from centuries of weaving. These Bukhara rugs are made on portable wooden looms typically with wool from the tribe's sheep fleeces, which is cleaned, spun and dyed.  The tribes people obtain their dyes naturally from local vegetables, flowers, tree bark, minerals and insects. The patterns would be passed down from one generation to the next one, these days a graphs, or blueprints in full scale for the patterns are used, many true masters who create signature designs and color combinations showing their continued skilled down the years of time.


SUPER KAZAK rugs are from the culture of Kazakhstan, well-articulated culture, based on their nomadic pastoral economy who culture is largely influenced by Turkic nomadic lifestyle. The traditional Kazakh home is the yurt, a tent consisting of a flexible framework of willow wood covered with varying thicknesses of felt. The open top permits smoke from the central hearth to escape; temperature and draft can be controlled by a flap that increases or decreases the size of the opening. Their unique hand-knotted traditional rugs are designed made on their own family wooden looms while they travelling from one feeding ground to the other feeding their flocks, the yarns are woven with a strong double hand threaded knot.


The images of our stock hand-knotted rugs will be uploaded soon.

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